Attorney Profiles

Carter Christie

Carter Christie has been practicing law for more than forty years.  He has an undergraduate degree from Duke University graduating in 1962.  He has a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin.  He originally began work with the firm of Clark, Thomas, Harris, Denius and Winters in Austin, Texas.  He has been very active in the personal injury field for many years.  He is primarily responsible for reviewing the personal injury cases when they are received and in working with the clients in setting up their case.  He has an extensive expertise in dealing with large liens established by governmental entities and works with these institutions to resolve the debts owed by clients when a case is settled.  He also has an extensive background in probate work and assists our clients when probate actions involving their claims are necessary.  He is involved in the settlement process and negotiations and working with the clients to understand how the process of handling personal injury claims is done.

Genie Handley

Genie Handley is the Senior Legal Assistant with the Law Office of Frederick L. McGuire and she like to remind everyone one that she has been on board since “day one.”  She is a licensed multi lines insurance adjuster with more than thirty two years experience and is our “go to person” on insurance claims and dealings with adjustor’s.  She began her career with Shelter Insurance in Arkansas, progressing to a field adjuster handling multi line claims and then went to work for Allstate.  She has attended more training classes than you can count.  She manages all of the office staff in the Houston personal injury office and coordinates all activity on every file.  She analyzes each file and makes sure the right medical treatment is sought for the clients.  She also help research and prepare the demand letters for the clients with the attorneys and deals with the insurance adjusters when a claim is being settled.

Colleen McClure

Colleen McClure is a former trial attorney with the State Bar of Texas.  She manages our financial division that deals with Loan Modifications, Credit Card problems and Bankruptcy.  She has expertise in just about every type of legal action and serves as head of our litigation department and is one of our advisory attorney for cases that are reviewed and  moved into litigation. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico in 1986 and her law degree from St. Louis University School of Law in 1990.  While in law school she was an advocate for the homeless and was responsible for several pieces of legislation involving the homeless.  She is licensed both in Texas and New Mexico and numerous federal courts that would take to long to list. She has practiced and is experienced in bankruptcy, family law, personal injury, premises liability, workers comp, wills and trust, employment law and social security law.  She has received numerous awards including the New Mexico Corneal Aid Camp Aware, Who’s Who Amount Young Professional Women and she successfully argued a federal case against the U. S. Department of Agriculture in appeal ( Duke v. U.S. Department of Agriculture, 131 F3d 1407 CA 10 (NM 1997) [Federal Tort Claims Act 1990.


Casey Stinnett

Casey Stinnett is an Attorney in our Liberty, Texas office.  He is responsible for in house litigation and has been involved in the Daisetta “Sinkhole” case in Liberty County.  In this case the firm is representing numerous property owners for the collapse of the Daisetta Salt Dome and is helping in the litigation for the City of Daisetta.  Casey is a graduate of the University of Houston Law School. Casey is also a licensed insurance adjustor and has helped on our Hurricane Ike claims.

Nomi Husain

Nomi Hussain (Of Counsel) Mr. Husain is a partner in the international law firm of Young and Husain.  He is a graduate of the University of Texas and a 1995 graduate of South Texas College of Law.  He is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law.

Amy Anaya

Amy Anaya is also a Senior Legal Assistant with the Law Office of Frederick L. McGuire.  She manages the El Paso office.  She has extensive experience in personal injury claims and litigation.  She has been involved in the personal injury field as a legal assistant for 12 years.  She coordinates the other El Paso staff members in analyzing and preparing clients claims and supervising their medical treatment. She also assist the attorneys in preparing demands and his our primary El Paso person who deals with the adjusters.

Debbie Benevides

Debbie Benevides is in charge of processing all medical and coordinating client treatment and appointments. Debbie is also involved in manintaining clients contact and do not be surprised if she answers the phone as it is our policy that our legal assistants who actually work the files and work with the clients actually are the persons who answer the telephones at our office.